Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Is the question you;re looking for not on this page please contact us at The question will be forwarded to the correct person for handling and you’ll get a reply within 24 hurs.


Can i get a certificate of analysis of the product?

We supply a certificate of analysis with every order. We do not supply a COA by forehand. All our products comply the the productspecification, EU law and regulations that apply for organic certified products.

Can i get a sample of the product?

We do not offer samples for quantities below 100kg each product.

Can you fill in my quality forms?

We can fill in quality forms once to add our company as a new supplier. To supply low quantity products for a competitive price we have to reduce the amount of support in this matter. Statements can be downloaded from our statements page.

Where can i find your organic and quality certificates?

Find our certificates and statements on our download page.

I have a quality complaint, what should i do?

Please send an email to Our quality team will handle your complaint and will try to do their best to solve this.


How soon can you send the product?

All products are in stock and shipped within 3 days.

Where can i find the prices for transport?

Find the prices for transport here

Which transporter do you use?

We ship all parcels with PostNL. PostNL hands over the packages to a local partner in the country of destination. This is different for each country.After receiving the tracking code of your order you can see which local transporter will do the delivery.

I haven't received my package yet, what should i do?

For EU shipments it can take up to 5 working days utill delivery. Please check your tracking code, the package can be delivered at the neighbours. Isn’t this the case please contact us at Our logistics team will contact our transporter and request for a trace to find out where the parcel is.

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